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Everyday we find some interesting ways to entertain our-self and today Gadgetsay cameup with Android GIF Creator, this will help users to create GIF and creating making fun using your old images. Make GIF from your old photos and feel like playing sequence video.

In the Google Play Store, there are many apparatus present for display recording and summarizing which make live recording show. The apps which are recording live produce vast files. Whereas these capture large space in your Android phone but you don’t have to worry we have one different method for it, where you have to fuse the images in animated GIF style. Just follow the below methods for Android GIF Creator and you will get several help from the commenting box.

How to Design Animated GIF From Photos in Your Android GIF Creator

After applying the live effects you will be able to see the GIF image on your Android phone. We can also say that the process joins the two screenshots which will produce an animated GIF screenshot but in the very fewer spaces. Start your work from below, create GIF and don’t forget to add your issue in the comment section. You can continue making animated GIF images by following these steps.

From Here You Can Use Android GIF Creator, Create GIF From Photos

Download Application And Start

1. Download and install the GIF Maker app on your Android phone.

Android GIF Creator

Download and install the GIF Maker app

2. Select the option “Make GIF” to make GIF with your present photos. After selecting this option your Album will open.

Android GIF Creator

Select the option “Make GIF”

3. After that, you have to select the photos from the Album.

Android GIF Creator

you have to select the photos from the Album

4. Then you have to tap the icon present at the top right corner of your Android phone.

5. Now you have to click on “Edit GIF” option. You can also delete images from your GIF itself. You have to adjust the time in “Frame per second”, after setting the time to click on “OK” and then “SAVE” option.

Android GIF Creator

you have to click on “Edit GIF” option

From here create GIF, just after clicking on Ok button you will have a file with .gif in the end of the file you will find!

Android GIF Creator

adjust the time in Frame per second

By working on these steps you can able to Preview your GIF screenshot which is all set in your gallery. The best advantage is that your phone will not carry big videos and capture your phone’s memory. GIF images just take the spaces in KBs if you didn’t selected much images.

Another Method?

There is also one simple application as GIF camera which is very useful in making animated GIFs on an Android phone. This helps you in creating GIF with your live photos.

  1. Download and install GIF camera on your Android phone (Google Play Store).
  2. To make GIF from your live photos, click “From Local”.
  3. Now select the photos you want to create GIF, and then tap on the tick mark present on the top right corner.
  4. After selecting the photos you just have to decide on the Frame per second “Frame”
  5. Click on the save icon present on the top right corner of your Android phone.

Now you can preview the Animated GIF from your live photos. Following these steps using Android GIF Creator, you can show them to your friends and enjoy the old or funny memories. Just create GIF or Make GIF from the application we have provided. Only by adding different photos you can get as you like. We are sure these steps will help you and hope you will enjoy making it. Any Problem Faced By You Following The Tutorial Use The below commenting box, WE WILL HELP YOU!

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