Anonymous Takes Down 10613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

Anonymous Takes Down 10,613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

Do you know what a Dark Web is? Before knowing the answer first let’s discuss the parts of the web. Actually, the internet we use in our day to day life is Surface Web. In Surface Web, certain websites are included which you get when you search a title or subject.

You will be shocked to know that 90% of the Internet is included in the Deep Web. Deep Web is the part of the internet which is not searchable from ordinary search engines. It includes a certain password for protection and has active pages. It includes especially the web mailing and online banking. It also contains paid facility like videos on command.

The last and worst part is called the Dark Web. It can only be operated by means of particular or extraordinary software. By using the dark web one can stay behind like an unspecified person and cannot be traced. The user in this part creates terrifying disputes for the legal workers. This part can be operated with the Tor network.

The name of Tor network is generated from the Onion Router. The reason for it is has prepared layers which permit users to steer skipping from one to another with encryption guard that secret the IP. This is how the users in this part hide from getting tracked.

What Lies Under the Depths of the Internet?

Anonymous Hacks And Takes Down 10,613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

Anonymous Hacks And Takes Down 10,613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

We can take the example of an iceberg to figure out in a better way. The iceberg is hidden in the vastness of the ocean. Let’s consider the iceberg as the Web (internet). We will divide it into three parts and only one part is seen from the above that is the surface web. Below that is the Deep Web which has many search engines which are accessed by only the members of the certain association. This may have approx 7,000 TB loads of data’s.

The internet has five parts. The first part is known to every internet users which is the top of the iceberg. The third part is illegal and has all illegal contents. It is made by the hackers and cannot be identified easily. It includes child pornography, traffic of arms, drugs, and even organs. The fifth part of the dark web is the darkest part of the web and there is no set of rules or protection.

Over 10,000 pages of the Deep Web part fall because of an attack. According to the report ‘The Verge attendants Hosting Freedom II undergone a major attack by the globe’s foremost online hacktivist unit, Anonymous.

According to reporters, over 10,000 web pages of Tor were fallen due to this attack. The pages mainly include the child pornography. It could be guessed by the indication of one-fifth of the lowest point of the iceberg. The users who attempted to operate this sort of illegal sites got the note: “Hello, Freedom Hosting II, have been hacked”. The hackers also said that half of the page was hosted on the servers was hit was the child pornography. They cannot say that it was purposely done because the deep web key rule is the secrecy.

Anonymous Hacks And Takes Down 10,613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

Anonymous Hacks And Takes Down 10,613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

The hackers have given some steps from which they are able to take down the Dark web. The following are the 21 step which hackers used for taking down the Dark Web.

Anonymous Hacks And Takes Down 10,613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

Anonymous Hacks And Takes Down 10,613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

The data cannot be obtained from the deep web but the host company can be recognized. Moreover, according to reports, Freedom Hosting Company was caught up in a child pornography lawsuit for many years.

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