How To Create Bootable USB Pendrive For Windows 8 OS Installation

Creating a bootable USB pendrive means you are creating a pendrive which will have a capacity to install your desired Windows OS directly within your computer without required of CD. This trick will help users a lot without using any CD and directly copy paste the entire OS inside the Pendrive and that will help to The Computer Bios from where it will booted.

We have also that How To Use Dual Booting on your computer, Dual booting means you can use any Two Windows OS may be one is Windows 7 and another is Windows 8, however you can also use different OS such as Linux or Mac alone with Windows OS.

How To Create Bootable USB Pendrive For Windows 8 OS Installation

There are various way to install Windows OS so now this trick becomes old but then also many people till now unknown to this, so here we are showing the following steps:

1. Go to search and type cmd in search box select cmd by hitting enter,

2. Now black color window will appear and like this:

Type diskpart

Type diskpart

3. Now type from Start: “diskpart”

4. Then again type ‘list disk

5. Now this time you have to select your disk which means select only that disk which shows your Pen drive/Flash drive memory size

6. For example it shows Disk 0  Online  74GB

  • Disk 1  Online  90GB
  • Disk 2  Online  15GB

But you have to select only that one which one is your Pendrive, just like i will select ‘select disk 2‘ because it shows less GB and it is my Pen drive  same way. Type ‘select disk 2

7. Now that’s over, type “clean‘ After that type ‘create partition primary

8. Now type ‘select partition 1

9. Then type ‘active‘ then type ‘format fs=ntfs quick

10. Then type ‘assign‘ and here it goes type ‘exit

any Windows ISO file

any Windows ISO file

All done well but now it turns to put your any Windows ISO file or any bunch of windows file to your Bootable pendrive,

And you do not need to worry about your Pendrive because it has been verified that because of doing Bootable Pendrive your Pendrive will now secure more and most important things put your pendrive into NTFS mode for more secure!

This is How To Create Bootable USB Pendrive For Windows 8 OS Installation This trick is very old as per the new generation asking for Raspberry Pi and other tech related popular tricks and mostly people used to as about Linux tricks. 🙂 Thanks

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