How To Disable USB Port On Windows 7, 8 And 10

This trick is very common question asked among the Windows PC users, For those users who were very sensitive with their data in their computer so here the question only applies that.. Where Is The Security? So, if you want to secure your computer by disabling the USB port from other who also uses your computer then this Trick is for you only.

How To Disable USB Port On Windows 7, 8 and 10

USB port are the only port through which any computer users can transfer their data from one computer to another computer, and not only data are transfer but also virus which may harm to the computer, another most important use of this trick is that your friends will not have permission to plug their pendrive without your permission.

Follow Step By Step

1. Go To Desktop From Desktop Press “Win Button + R” or just press Windows button alone with R button it will open your windows Run command.

2. You will Prompt as Run in That Type “regedit“, Regedit is a registry Editor windows from where the entire computer system of Windows keep on functioning and for that if we alter any bad factors of the Registry then it may misbehave the entire system so be careful to select wisely.

3. Now You Will Be Prompt a window in That Follow What is written


4. Now you have to just find out START in the working area.

5. In that to Disable Just Change the Value data with “4” or for Next time if you want to again Enable your USB port the Change it to “3” but remember after every tax Close your Registry Editor..

This tutorial is about how can you disable your USB ports whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 also using Laptop or desktop this trick will work because we have tested. if you have any query on the trick then feel free to ask using the below comment box.

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