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[Solved] [SOLVED] I dropped my iphone X in water and it wont turn on  


Dianna Graves
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18/07/2018 11:47 am  

Please help me, I dropped my iphone mistakenly in the swimming pool but I could be able to take it out within 20 secs but after that time my iphone won't turn on, it showed a slight green screen and a horizontal line but since then it was no response, please can anyone help me? is it possible iphone wont turn on after water damage? but if it is then how to fix a water damaged iphone that won't turn on, I have seen people dropped iphone in water still works but this is iPhone x then why so costlier iphone is not water proof?

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Monty Paul
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18/07/2018 12:10 pm  

As we all know that we cannot mix electronic equipment with WATER, and if we do then all the circuit and everything will flow within the water, you have to replace parts which got short circuit but still I will suggest you to get AppleCare + support, with small fee your iphone will be repaired

Anu Pal
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26/07/2018 9:57 pm  

I would rather suggest you wait till the phone dries up. Some people say that keep the phone inside a pile of dry rice can help as it absorbs moisture. Keep your device inside the pile of rice for a day or two, then try charging it or try connecting with iTunes. if the process doesn't work. Go to a local shop and ask them a quotation for repairing cuz apple doesn't repair phones instead they will replace with a new one with approx 50-60% of the price of ur device. 


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