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[Solved] [SOLVED] Need help with iPhone battery life after updating to iOS 11.4  


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10/07/2018 8:23 pm  

I've noticed my iPhone 7 battery life has significantly declined since updating to iOS 11.4. I tried the iPhone battery fixes in this article, and it definitely helped a bit.

I'm wondering if I should just install the iOS 12 beta? Does anyone know if this will fix my iPhone battery problem?

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Monty Paul
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10/07/2018 8:52 pm  

Hi, you can get the iOS 12 developer beta by joining the Developer program which may cost you around $99 a year.

get into the Apple's developer site using your Apple ID then you can sign into the Developer center for iOS again using your same Apple ID.

you now have to register your Apple UDID by connecting the device into iTunes and the process next to it is very simple.

Click on the device icon at the top right hand corner, now you can view the summary.
near there you may find few Serial Number entry to get into change to the UDID.

Now you are done I hope os. 🙂 after doing all these you can get the downloadable version of iOS 12 beta version for your device, but make sure to select your listed phone model from the list.

Once you downloaded the file into your Mac pc you have to unzip right away and look for the file with extension .IPSW now you can connect your iPhone again into your Mac.

Click the Restore iPhone button on your device summary tab, you can find this next to your device update button & icon.

once you clicked the Restore iPhone button you will see your iPhone will have iOS beta version.

You can also have iOS 12 public beta if you don't want to spend $99 a year.

the process is same by signing up on Apple Beta page with your Apple ID and so on....

after doing everything about signing up and register you need to visit on your iOS device and from there you can have the instruction of downloading and installation with configuration file of iOS public beta version on your iOS.

Now you are just few clicks away from update, just proceed to the Settings->General->Software update, DONE! 🙂

I hope this solves your problem...

Monty Paul
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10/07/2018 8:53 pm  

You can always add your website link on your Profile page, and become the contribution to this forum. Thanks questioning !!


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