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[Solved] Any application that turns Android into iPhone?  


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11/07/2018 11:33 pm  

Hi I m daily readers of your article
I was read an article that change your phone into I phone but in that article you didn't mention. The name of article please send me the name of the application

Monty Paul
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11/07/2018 11:43 pm  

Please make sure you have subscribed the topic so that any answer or replies to this topic can be notified to you on your email address.

Here is the tutorial on how to do that in a proper way, if you got stuck in any step then do reply.

Turn Android Device Into An iPhoneX

You have to download a third-party app “XOutOf10” by Ido Ideas to get iPhone X design. Remember, it will just give your Android phone iPhone X touch, but not add any functionality. It attaches the notch at the top of your screen. You can enable or disable the feature whenever you want.

1. Download “XOutOf10” from Google Play Store. Start the app and click on “If It’s Your First Run, Permit Drawing Over Apps” option. In Settings check whether the app permissions is enabled or not. It will allow the notch on the device lock screen, background startup and presenting a pop-up window.

2. The notch appears everytime you use the phone despite other apps in use. The notch is exceptional in bezel-less smartphones like Mi Mix 2. The feature doesn’t look good in a smartphone with bezels.

For iPhone X-Like Home Screen

1. Now make android look like ios 2017 with iPhone X-like home screen on your smartphone. Download the Nova Launcher (or Nova Launcher Prime cost $4.99) on your smartphone. After installing the launcher set it as the default launcher. Visit Nova Settings and Desktop> Desktop Grid. Select 6 x 4 grid to adjust like iPhone X and click on “Done” option.

2. Extend the size of the app icons. Click on Desktop> Icon layout and change the “Icon size” to 150% by slipping the slider towards the right.

3. Customize the dock concerning launcher. Visit Dock> Dock Background. Under menu, click on “Rectangle” changing the shape and select “white” for Content color. Now, modify the transparency to 50% to match the iPhone X level.

4. In Dock sub-menu, alter the fraction of icons you want a dock page. If you want the exact iPhone X look, then select 4 icons range.

5. Now, you have to download TrueiOS Icon Pack which is available for free in Google Play Store. TrueiOS Icon Pack will give the icons iPhone X icon touch. After installing, select the icon pack in Nova Settings by visiting Look & feel> Icon theme> TrueiOS Icon Pack. Now, you can download the iPhone X wallpaper and set as background wallpaper.

For iPhoneX Like Rounded Corners

More details are on this article: 

How To Turn Android Device Into An iPhone X

Monty Paul
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11/07/2018 11:59 pm  

If your issue is solved then just allow me to mark it as solved!



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