The Funny And Unique Banana Phone – A Phone With Appeal

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Banana Phone: You must have heard about many extraordinary gadgets available in the market. Today, we will introduce you to a unique gadget which looks funny but may be useful for many peoples. We are talking about the Banana Phone meaning it is a mobile phone created elegantly. It works perfectly as soon as linked with any smartphone device. You can also command the voice assistant which you use for calling and talking with your friends and families. It is really efficient to use.

You must have heard about the LG G Flex which is a curved smartphone. Sometimes, it looks weird or you feel shy when you take out LG G Flex from your bag in front your friends. The shape of the phone is curved exactly like a banana. However, you might not feel shy from now as we already have a phone which is curved and designed like a banana. You can see the image which you will definitely like.

The Funny And Unique Banana Phone A Phone With Appeal

The Funny And Unique Banana Phone A Phone With Appeal

If you are thinking that where can I buy it, then get the banana phone or banana-shaped device exclusively from Indiegogo. It doesn’t cost much, you can get it by spending just $40 which is a low price. Most of you will don’t mind spending $40 for such amazing original gadget. Firstly it was available in China, but now everyone can buy it. Most importantly, it’s not simply a calling phone. The Banana Phone basically operates like a Bluetooth communicator. You can easily link your smartphone using wireless connectivity. However, it doesn’t work without a smartphone device. Indiegogo

The Funny And Unique Banana Phone A Phone With Appeal

The Funny And Unique Banana Phone A Phone With Appeal

Don’t expect much from this banana phone like other smartphones as it allows just calling facility. Although, it includes only 3 buttons which are used for volume up, volume down and home functions. You can receive calls, or call your friends utilizing your smartphone voice assistant. The battery life of the banana phone lasts up to 10 hours of continuous conversation. You don’t have to pull your smartphone from your bag or pocket for making calls, just press receive button on the banana phone and go on.

You can keep it idle for about 70 Hours thanks to the built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The funny creation comes with a micro USB and Qualcomm Chipset which is free from malicious attacks. It is made of recycled ABS plastic which is safe for kids also. It overcomes danger to cell phone electromagnetic radiation by preventing your smartphone apart from your head. So, if you are interested to buy this device, then visit Indiegogo now.

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