How To Get Android N 7.0 Nougat On Your Smartphone 2016 Updated!

Today’s tutorial is for android OS lovers, the lovers who disparately waited for every new OS and UI, thus about 1.4 billion all over the world are using Android but with several different platform. Today’s topic is How Can You get Your Android 7.0 N preview!

We all know that this Android version is not been delivered to all the Android devices but this preview version of Android N 7.0 can be run on your device and only be possible if you follow the below process.

How To Get Android N 7.0 Nougat On Your Smartphone 2016 Updated!

The below process is all about the Android N preview 2 because Google till now didn’t release the pure version of Android N, It is also said that the new OS will have VR mode! May 18 will be the forthcoming update of Android N. The report from Google IO.

Android basically a giant Operating System, users are curious and fascinated towards the new Android version after Lollipop. Android N Preview can also be in the list of your updating Android Over The Air! users will now experience the new version of Android N with new features as well.

To get Android N Preview for your Android device you have different methods!

Apply these methods to get that!

Without wasting time lets starts the steps below! And before downloading any update try to backup your android.

Method1: OTA Update – We all know that what is OTA. Over The Air Update by which every Android-based device must have this feature which we call it as an updater, the Android OS updater plays a vital role in which it automatically prompts its users that a new version of Android has arrived and asked to download it via Wi-Fi.

OTA Over The Air Update

OTA Over The Air Update

If you have not received any update on your device then you can download the file from Android Beta Program, and a website release the beta version of Android, after downloading the file you need to install the updated file by rebooting your android, while rebooting your Android you need to press two buttons simultaneously and that is the lower volume button and the power button to get the boot menu. And select follow the process there!

Method2: Android N Image files are available on the official Android developer site, To see if your device is compatible with the new version then try to search Android N Image With your Device name on Google – if you found yours then just download it and came back here. Also, Get from here without any search!

After downloading you must create a backup file for your device in case if not satisfied the Android N, you can revert to back. Next, follow the below instruction of installation!

Step1: To make you sure that the android N Image Files are in Zip format! After downloading that Zip file you should transfer to your safe directory and connect your computer via USB.

Step1: Start your device in Fastboot mode from where you need to locate your unzipped image file from bootloader menu, and then click on Flash option to start the next process and that is the installation of that file!

Start your device in Fastboot mode

Start your device in Fastboot mode

You are done downloading and installation, if you see any fault with the new OS just revert to the back by rebooting your device. The release date of the prime version of Android N is not disclosed by you can also get the Alpha version as the same! How To Get Android N 7.0 Nougat  On Your Smartphone! 

If you have any problem doing any steps just feel free to comment below!

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