Microsoft Foldable Smartphone To Come In 2017
Microsoft Foldable Smartphone To Come In 2017

Microsoft Foldable Smartphone To Come In 2017

The tech giants Samsung and LG have decided to execute their foldable smartphones. Samsung has linked with many tech companies for the manufacturing of foldable smartphone. LG has also approved their decision of manufacturing a foldable smartphone in this year.

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Recently, Microsoft has declared a developing a foldable smartphone in future. Foldable smartphones look like a partial tablet that can fold. The smartphones have a large display area which is very difficult to carry. The tech companies have initiated a solution and invented the foldable smartphones. The smartphone turns small when close and large like a tablet when opened.

Previously, Samsung has published a patent in which there is a device with two fold display. It converts into a tablet of medium extent. This patent is similar to the Patent of Microsoft. This shows that the tech company Microsoft is in the list of manufacturing foldable smartphones.

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Microsoft Foldable Smartphone

According to MSPowerUser, the patent of Microsoft is revealed. It has a tablet or clamshell smartphone supported by a variable hinge placed below the variable display. A smartphone with wider display makes the multimedia stuff overwhelming.

Microsoft Foldable Smartphone

You can use your foldable smartphone for calls, messages or any activities to fulfill your daily needs. You can use it as a tablet and enjoy the overwhelming multimedia uses like movies, songs etc. The advantage of having a foldable phone is that you doesn’t have to carry two phones and you can also save your finances.

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Microsoft Foldable Smartphone

Microsoft has not revealed much about their foldable smartphone. There are many revelations to be disclosed about these phones but when it comes to the biggest tech company, Microsoft the expectations become higher. From the above, it is clear that he Foldable smartphones will be the greatest achievement of the tech giants.

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