In 2016 How To Root Android Device In A Single Click

We have different types of method to share with you that how you can root your any Android device easily but with the following methods.

Rooting your Android device means you are going to experiment with your Android based OS, it enables your to do various changes within your Android OS, there is no limitation of alteration except the hardware inbuilt, you cannot remove that particular hardware if you can only do things like rooting and all because you are not a developer to make connection your new hardware with your entire Android device.

In 2016 How To Root Android Device In A Single Click

Android OS will give you direct access to any internal system, whenever you do root with your Android device, your Android will be a part of experiment stage which means whenever Google release any unofficial update to android – it will be first delivered to your device because of your custom ROM installed and a rooted device you are running. The unofficial update means you are going to receive the update of OS you are using or the new custom ROM.

If you have one or two Android smartphones you can use any one of them for rooting purpose!

Now, what are the advantages of rooting your device?

  • It will boost your phone memory and speed,
  • It will extend your phone’s battery life,
  • You can manually remove built-in application,
  • You can remove bloatware functions from applications. Apps like Facebook and Chrome consume a lot of RAM and battery, Bloatware is the function on application that consumes your battery and RAM from the background process,
  • Modify your phone to increase all internet browsing speed, SIM detection Speed,
  • Manually install an application which can track your phone easily no need of any third party.
  • The best part of your rooting: you can install Custom ROMS & Custom Kernel (We will share that later that how can you install that)
  • Last but not least! You can modify the whole system by your own desire look. The whole UI will be changed with your single desire.

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android Device?

  • Your Android Device Warranty Void: After following the below tutorial your Android Device warranty will become invalid, if you ever face any problem with your device internal hardware, then Android service center will reject your Android device to repair.
  • Be careful and be an expert in rooting any Android device, you will never face any problem.

There are four methods you can follow any of them as per your desire:

Method1: Kingo Root:

Kingo Root

Kingo Root

Kingo ROOT is the best of all PC operation rooting system for Android devices, Kingo Root is free and one-click rooting software for Android devices, The application basically for Windows computer, it helps Android users without losing time with a single click it roots the Android system and the chances of successful are about 90-95% by which till now every users are preferring this software without any complaints.

Caution: Before installing this device you need to disable your computer system Antivirus otherwise it will not going to work or install properly.

Follow the process:

i) From your Android Device enable USB Debugging Mode. Goto your settings -> Developer Option -> USB debugging -> Click on it to enable. Some of the Android device above 4.2.2 are not having the same setting so to enable the same, they need to go to the Settings -> About Phone -> Built Number Tap on it 7 times to get the option to turn on Debugging.

ii) Now just download the application from your computer itself Kingo Root

iii) After installation the application you can see the new window of Kingo Root.

iv) Now plug your device via USB cable by enabling the USB debugging option as mention above.

v) The Kingo Root will automatically connect your device and soon after that, you can click on “Root” button you can see your connection is successful between your device and the Kingo Root Windows application.

vi) Your device has been rooted successfully by Kingo Root meanwhile, the application will also install SuperSU on your Android device.

vii) Now to check that your device is successfully rooted or not, download the application from Google Play Store Root Checker App. It will analysis your Android device whether it is rooter or not.

Note: If this method unable to root your device the below other three methods are still available.

Method2: VRoot



VRoot Windows Application is one of the excellent application after Kingo Root, this is also a PC version application support on Windows OS, both the application Kingo Root and VRoot are still at same stage of work which is One Click Root. VRoot is developed by Chinese developer by Mgyun team, they have developed and upgraded newer version of VRoot which supports more than 8000 types of Android devices in which it still have 70-75% of success chances.

The one click root has the same process as mention above.

i) Download the application from here

ii) Install the application with the process of location press ‘Next’

iii) After successful installation, connect your device via USB cable and USB debugging enabled. (Above mention how to enable your device Debugging)

iv) After connection confirms, click on Root from the VRoot application on the PC screen. Wait for the root complete.

v) After completion the successful rooting, your Android device will automatically reboot and now you can disconnect your device from your computer.

vi) Now connect your computer to the internet by any means just to download the root checker application from the Google App Store, make sure that your device is successfully rooted by VRoot.

Method3: Root Genius

Root Genius

Root Genius

This application Root Genius is the best friend of Mediatek enabled processor Android devices. Main focus on Android Kitkat devices, currently it serves more than 10,000 android devices, currently it has 1.8.7 version of application downloadable to your windows computer and it has a high accuracy of confirming rooting. But still it is more comfortable with Mediatek and Android Kitkat devices.

The Same process of doing but before using this method you must check your device version and processor if it matches up with the required function of the application and then you are good to go, otherwise if it didn’t then you may be unsuccessful in this method.

i) Download the Root Genius

ii) The rooting may take up to 3 minutes

iii) The application will reboot your device. Don’t unplug your USB cable until its done processing.

iv) Now after it completes all the process and says successfully rooted then you can unplug your USB cable.

v) Now check if the root is really successful or not, for that you need to download that application and install, Root Checker App from google play app store.

Method4: Unload Root

Unload Root

Unload Root

Unlock Root is totally different from all the above three, it has a boot loader for each and every various Android devices, Unlock Root has its own way of rooting and unlocking features, Now if you want to root your device using this method then you need to follow its own strict guidelines, the guidelines for each separate Android devices just visit Unlock Root you will be guided by their own tech support.

So we have released the top 4 methods to get rooted your Android devices by just one click, so enjoy the tutorial rooting your devices, it has many advantages still if any sort of improper method used then the device many called as junked. So be careful in doing so this is what we learned about How To Root Any Android Devices in A Single Click.

If you have any sort of issues with understanding the tutorial than always feel free to comment below with your desired question.

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