Scientists Have Developed a Method to ‘Upload Knowledge To Your Brain’

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Have you ever seen the movie ‘Matrix’? This article has a story similar to that in the movie. Think of a world where every human being has the  same amount of information? They don’t have to hard work to gain knowledge of what they want to become in their life. For example, if you want to drive an airplane you don’t need any kind of training because your brain already knows the skill to drive an airplane. This method can make our lives comfortable and easy.

We have seen robots how they are uploaded with numerous skills and knowledge. If we ask you this “Do you want the same method? For sure you will not for a second thought to say YES”. A scientist has said that this process is as easy as falling asleep. It didn’t require any struggle to insert knowledge in the human brain. Scientists at HRL information and system Sciences Laboratory, California are experimenting on a low stream brain inspiration to modify capability of the person understanding the difficulty of an actual human race skill.

Dr. Matthew Philips is the team leader and used the technique of neurostimulation known as TDCS (Transcranial direct current stimulation). In this technique, a part of the brain which has the capability of learning and talent maintenance is stimulated. TDCS technique is limited and straightforward shock which is provided regularly to stimulate the part of the brain.

He also said “Our brain is the first part of its type and is called brain stimulation system. It sometimes sounds wired but it’s the truth, our brain needs technology for its development. Their team was exactly trying to focus on a mission in which they were guiding an airplane which needed the cooperation of mutual mental as well as machine functioning. The method in which we try to feed something in the brain and then the brain fixes that information is known as neuroplasticity. There is a part of our brain as small as our little finger which records all the words and reminiscence”.

The team chose a few people for an experiment in which they connected electrodes to the scalp and gave soft current flow. This method continued for hours and this method took days and weeks to combine together. This method is similar to the training system which is increased slowly and gradually by the day. Once extensive research is done, this method will be useful for us in many fields like training, schools, and classroom. Our brain can be stimulated in driving classes, SAT preparation, and language studying.

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