Star Wars – Speeder Bike Jetovator Battle In Real Life

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Star Wars – Speeder Bike Jetovator Battle In Real Life

Devin Super Tramp modifies Jetovator flying, water-powered bikes to create the classic speeder bike chase scene from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

The Jetovator is a cross between a hovercraft and a jet-pack that runs off a hose connected to the jetted water exhaust of a personal watercraft.  In the above scene, of course, all jet skis have been omitted from the frame…

In true DIY fashion, the crew relied largely on duct tape to transform the Jetovators into speeder bike replicas and also to create the Stormtroopers’ helmets. If you watch the full behind-the-scenes video here, you can see a little more on how the Jetovator was transformed into the bike of the future. For some shots of close-in fighting, two speeder bikes are actually mounted on a single Jetovator platform…

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