Top 6 Powerful Modules of Xposed For Android Users
Top 6 Powerful Modules of Xposed For Android Users

Hello Everyone, This is Algorithm Once again and in this article, I am going to discuss Top 6 most useful and powerful Modules of Xposed. So, if you are one of those who is looking something beyond the common Xposed Modules, then I must say that you are in the right place.

Now the question is there are some people who don’t know about Xposed, Xposed is basically a Tool that’s let’s you install several Modules for Android Customization and tweaks.

If you are a noob and don’t have Xposed Installed on your device, no
need to worry just Go here and do it.

Here is the list of Module:

Module 1: WhatsappX: With this module, you can give quick reply from notification, Lock a Specific conversation with a password.


Module 2: Android N-ify: Get some of the useful Features of Android N with this module like quick settings, recent features.

Android Nify3

Module 3: Lockscreen Mod: With this module, you can launch your favorite app Direct from your Lock screen.

Lockscreen Mod

Module 4: Power Nap: This module helps to save battery when you are not using the phone and this module is really very Helpful, I have personally tested this and I am sure that you will see the change.

Power Nap

Module 5: Zoom for Instagram: Helps you to Zoom your picture in Instagram.

Zoom for Instagram

Module 6: Knock Code: This is my favorite Module,this module basically, replaces Lock screen with the Knock code and the best things about this is you can assign a different password to open different Application from the lock screen.

Knock Code

Note: Every tutorial in Gadget Say is for Educational Purpose, we are not responsible for any Loss.

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