How To Use Your Pen Drive As RAM For Your Computer

Is your computer is having 2GB RAM or 1GB RAM? don’t worry on this. In today’s tutorial, we will share something very interesting and useful for those who have less amount of RAM on their computer. You might belong to a rich family and don’t want to use this trick and will purchase RAM for your computer, but… using this trick is really FUN, you will enjoy things you have done with your computer, Thanks us later on mate!

Things you should know: The higher your computer RAM the Higher your computer processing speed, example, if you are working on a Google Chrome browser which is the father of consuming RAM and another side you are trying to open Photoshop CS5 then your computer will load CS5 within 2 seconds because you have 8GB of RAM, Or if your computer is having only 2GB or less RAM then it will take up to 10 seconds to load your CS5 and rest of programs are also running background.

Moral: Using up to 8GB RAM will definitely help your computer to RUN all the programs perfectly.

I am going to share a simple yet unknown trick for most of the computer users who don’t know yet. Normally a computer runs depending on the size of RAM. So in order to have more RAM, you need to purchase another one but you can also use your Pendrive as RAM for your computer.

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You can speed up your computer with the help of your normal pen drive by following these few simple steps. You need a pen drive of at least 1GB of size and a computer.

Follow the steps below to use pen drive as RAM for your computer.

Step 1. First, you need to plug in your pen drive to your computer and check the properties.


Step 2. Now you need to format your pen drive. Now check the properties and verify if your pen drive is formatted properly.

Step 3. Now you need to right click on your pen drive and select the properties option as shown n the image below.


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Step 4. Now you select “ReadyBoost” option in the properties tab.

Step 5. Then click on “Use this device” option then adjust your memory size. then click on apply.


Remember alway that you should keep at least 300-400 MB free space while adjusting the size of memory. now restart your computer and your pen drive will be used as RAM.

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This is the best and easy way to use your pen drive as RAM. There are other ways to do the same process but they are difficult and may corrupt your pen drive.


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